Setting up for Success

4/9/20241 min read

Any successful biller can map out the “life of a claim.” This pathway might outline the process of claim submission and working rejections, tips for successful follow-ups with insurance and fights against denials to ultimately see the claim paid. But while most billers might believe that a claim begins at charge entry, it may surprise you to know it begins long before that.

The journey of a successful claim begins when the patient first calls to schedule an appointment. The information obtained during this conversation sets the tone for everything that follows. Obtaining correct demographic and insurance information and scheduling the patient for the appropriate service lays the groundwork for an excellent patient experience and prompt payment.

Do you find things “slipping through the cracks”? Does your front office staff need more guidance and training? Having SOPs in place and ensuring staff are trained in these policies can lessen the issues and make for a successful and happy work environment.

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